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We'd like to hear from you.   We want to bring you a better race event, and you can help.   Please fill out this form,   then press the "SUBMIT" button at the bottom of the page. If you aren't satisfied with some of the choices offered, there will be an opportunity for you to tell us the choices you'd like to have. (Use the text boxes provided. they're near the bottom of the form).

GBTC Race Features Survey

    What type of commemorative T-Shirt do you favor?

      Long Sleeve T-Shirt
      Short Sleeve T-Shirt
      Tank Top
      No Preference

    If one of the following could be offered, which do you prefer?

      Wind Breaker Jacket
      No Preference

    What type of race awards do you favor?
    Note that the following excludes cash because
    if cash is offered , it will be in addition
    to the standard award choices below.

      No Preference

    If the race director has money left over,   which would you prefer he do?

      Use the proceeds to improve future race events
      Give the proceeds to a charity
      No Preference

    What do you feel is a fair entry fee for a 5K road race?

      $1 to $9 (U.S. Dollars)
      $10 to $19
      $20 to $29
      $30 to $39
      No Preference

    When is a good time to schedule a race?

      Saturday Morning
      Saturday Evening
      Sunday Morning
      Sunday Evening
      Weekday Evening
      No Preference

    Click the features that are important to you:

      Many water stations
      Post race party with food and drink
      Cash prizes in addition to awards
      Merchandise awards
      Printed results
      Live band or DJ
      Random Prizes
      Buffalo News Runner of the Year Event
      Huge field (thousands of runners)
      Small field (less than 100 runners)
      Moderate sized field (100 to 300 runners)
      Off road or trails course
      Race held on a track
      Race held on the streets
      USATF Certified Course
      Commemorative race apparel (T-Shirt, hat etc)
      Adequate traffic control

    What distance do you prefer to race (Select the one favorite):

    If you weren't there, Why didn't you run the Parkway 10K?

    If you have any thoughts on how we can deliver a better race,
    you may share your ideas here:

    Please enter your name (optional, but preferred):

    Please enter your eMail address (optional, but preferred):

Thanks for participating in our survey!

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