Depew/Lancaster Boys & Girls Club
Turkey Trot 5K

Lancaster,  NY
Saturday   November 17,  2001

Race results (click here)

Photos by Carolyn Concannon and Sue Devlin

Joe Niezgoda III
Joe Niezgoda III is the winner of the 2001 Turkey Trot in Lancaster. Joe established a good lead early and won in 16:29.

Carolyn Concannon photo
195 runners get set to start the 5K race.

Carolyn Concannon photo
Shortly after the start (by siren) runners of all shapes and sizes take-off over the pleasant 5K course in Westwood Park.

Matt Kubiak
Speeding to an outstanding time of 16:56 and winning his age-group (M 15-19) is Matt Kubiak. Matt was the 2nd place finisher overall. That's Steve White closing in fast for 3rd place overall in 17:06.
Kenny Rodriguez
4th place overall was earned by Kenny Rodriguez. Kenny was 1st in his age-group (M 40-44).

Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers consults his watch after finishing ahead of age-group rival Larry Krajewski. Mike's watch probably told him he just ran a 5K in 17:29. Larry will clock 17:45. Larry can be barely seen in this photo - he's on the right in blue and orange.
Susan Munson
Susan Munson flys toward the finish line enroute to a spectacular 17:55 clocking. Susan was the 1st woman finisher, 1st Female Master, 1st in her age group and 12th overall in the race.

Dennis Sears runs out of the picture (on the left) as Richard Deren and Brigitte Soltiz sprint toward the finish line. Dennis ran 19:55 to win his age-group (55-59). Richard Deren clocked 19:59. Brigitte won her age-group (45-49) in 20:00.

Jeanne Chiarmonte
Jeanne wins her age-group (35-39) with her 20:30 effort.
Joannie Padginton
Joannie claimed 3rd in her age-group (40-44) with an excellent 23:45 clocking. That's Scott Ferguson finishing right behind Joannie.

Joyce Farrell
Joyce confirms her new 5K PR on her watch after finishing the race in an excellent 28:48. Her performance was good for 4th place in the age-group (W 50-54)
Dan Gill
Dan Gill leads the way for his dad, Jerry Gill, all the way to the finish line.

The Gill Family Runners
Andy Gill (#331) joins brother Dan (#1753) and father Jerry for a post race group picture!

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