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Race Calendar and Race Results Policy

Last Updated: January 1, 2011

Calendar and Results Listing

Calendar and complete race results listing services have always been, and still are, offered free of any charge by BuffaloRunners as a service to the local running community.

BuffaloRunners tries to cover all local Road Races and, in genreal, competitive and recreational long distance running. We believe that we do not have the resources to adequately cover either Track & Field or Multi-sport events, such as triathlons. Also, our coverage of all high school and college events is very limited.

Inclusion in the general calendar and results listings, of necessity, is limited by geography: For consideration for inclusion in the calendar and the results a race event must be physically located in the Buffalo, New York general area. That area is defined here as being located in the county of Erie or the county of Niagara in the state of New York.

A limited number of exceptions will be made for any one of the following:

  1. An Event may also be included if it is physically near to, but not Included in the area defined above, and it is not better served by another large city and it is a quality event. Among other factors, a quality event will be a USATF sanctioned event run over a USATF certified course (or the Canadian equivalent thereof) and the event must endeavor to provide BuffaloRunners with the complete race results in a timely fashion.

  2. Any event, located anywhere in the world, that draws 50 or more "Local Buffalo Area" participants. The residency of the participant is determined by the listed hometown of the participant. These results require the hometown data field.

  3. Any event, regardless of its physical location anywhere in the world, that has been named a Niagara Association USATF Championship event may be included as a "local" event.

We do not believe we have the resources to do justice to any more events than those that fall within the limitations listed above.

We will always endeavor to post only accurate and complete information but BuffaloRunners and its employees and or its volunteers will not be responsible for any mistakes, changes, or errors in either calendar or results listing.

Please advise us if you make changes to your event plans or changes to your results or spot a mistake in one of our listings.

If you spot an error in your personal race results and would like it corrected we'd be delighted to hear from you, and time permitting, we will update or correct your posted results.


When sending results, we require the complete race results. That means every finisher, not just the award winners: Minimum data must include Name, Age and or Group, and Time. Additional data welcome. It's best to send an overall listing of finishers; An Excel spreadsheet is the preferred medium with the time field defined as TEXT.

Please send results to: BR-Webmaster@BuffaloRunners.com

Calendar Listings

The general race calendar will only contain events for the current year that have been verified. We will never simply take last year's calendar and convert it into the current calendar.

Verification is considered achieved only if:

  1. The Race Director, or an authorized member of the race committee, contacts us with race information for the current year

  2. A race application for the current year is seen
  3. We are so advised by the authorized event timing service, or the event registration service, that has contracted to deliver those services for that event

  4. Or the official event web site lists the current year's event information.

A calendar listing will be comprised of a minimum of: Date, Time, Location, Event Name and Distance. Additional data welcome.

We do not usually include the race fee(s) in our calendar listing, unless it is particularly interesting such as very expensive or very inexpensive.

A requirement for being listed is that the complete results will, in some way, be made available to BuffaloRunners in a timely fashion.

We will not allow an event to claim USATF Course Certification unless the USATF asserts that the course is in fact certified. The designation "Certification Pending" will not be used unless the USATF or the actual course measurer assures us that the USATF course certification paperwork has been submitted to the USATF Regional Certifier prior to race day.

Please send notice of your local running event to:

Please send results from your local running event to:

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