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Policy On Web Site Advertising

Last Updated: January 1, 2011

Since its founding in 2000 through 2009, BuffaloRunners did not allow any commercial advertising on the web site. As of December 1, 2009, the web site began allowing a limited number of "relevant" advertising content in the hopes that a few relevant ads may add value for the site's visitors.

"Relevant" means that advertisements are limited to events and businesses that pertain in some significant way to running, health and or fitness.

Currently, no zone-1 ad space is being offered. Zone-1 is defined here as the top of page "leaderboard" and or top of page "banner" positions. All other page space may be considered for ad inclusion.

The total ad space allowed will be strictly limited to 50% or less of the total page display. Non-ad content must always exceed or be no less than equal to the total ad-content, as measured by display space, on the totality of the web site's pages.

Preference may be given to advertisers by subjective relevance to RUNNING, HEALTH and or FITNESS, and the vendor's proximity to the area the BuffaloRunners web site is designed to serve, which is the greater Buffalo area in the county of Erie, of the state of New York.

Ad restrictions and options: Current ad costs can be found here:
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