Mississippi Mudds River Race 5K

Tonawanda,  NY
Saturday   August 25,  2001

Race results (click here)

Photos by Sue Devlin

It's a great time at Mississippi Mudds on Saturday Night.
The post race party was fantastic including a very talented live band, endless beer, a rich variety of edible goodies, and hundreds of Buffalo's fittest people.

The River Run benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Almost 300 runners participated in the 5k run

William Reece (204), Tracy Adkins (298), and Debbie Timinari reach the finish line starting at 27:14.

Kevin Kerr is followed through the finish by Karen Reardon in 27:50.

Jim Forger offers last minute encouragement to Breanna Forger. Frank Belliotti and Isabelle Fritz follow.

Chin Li Pompeo runs to an excellent 2nd place finish in her age group with her 33:20 clocking

11 year-old David Pinkert manages to stay ahead of the fast finishing 10 year-old Jonathan Riggie. They were clocked in 36:53 and 36:55 respectively.

Allison Riggie is not far behind in 37:15.

Flying toward the finish of the 5K run is 10-year old Taylor Lynn Lonzi (on the left) and 8-year old Sheridan Conway. Their time was 38:55.

Donna Bichler unleashes a smile as she nears the finish line.

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