Highland Hose Firehouse Run 5K

Derby, NY
Friday August 17, 2001

Race results (click here)

Photos by Jeff John

Overall Winner
Thomas Dessauer tips his hat as he wins the 3rd Annual
Highland Hose Firehouse 5K with an 18:04 clocking. John Beishline, assisted by Sue Devlin (GBTC), offers encouragement with the bullhorn.

The Womens Overall Winner
Brenda Litzinger zooms to a first place finish among the women in 20:00. Right behind Brenda is John Stewart. John will win his 20-24 age-group.

Ron Olson winning the mens 35-39 age group in 18:21.   Ron is followed by the 40-44 age-group winner,  Kieth Kowal, 18:23.   John Umbreit (in red) will take 2nd in the same age group in 18:30.

Hector Bauza (GBTC) winning his 55-59 age-group in a spectacular 18:36 clocking.

Lori Bauza (GBTC) takes 2nd place in her age group with her 21:31 clocking

AL Palmatier (GBTC) finishing 6th overall in 18:45.

Jennifer Hammond takes 2nd place in her age group in 23:05.

David Spillman finishing in 19th place overall in 22:53.

Martin Burke takes 18th overall with a 22:37 clocking.

Tom Meka finishes in 22:27, good enough for 2nd place in his 45-49 age group while Jeffrey Dietz's 22:29 effort earns him 1st place in the 50-54 age group.

Aine Roberts-Leahy finishes 2nd overall among the women and 1st in her age group in 20:49. Chris Malicki will take 2nd place in his age group with a 20:51 clocking.

9-year-old Danny Wiemer earns 2nd place in his under 15 age group with a 34:51 finish time.

Jim Berry finishing in 25:45.

Iggy Golombek
Winning the mens 15-19 age group in 25:23. Richard Dalton follows and will post a 25:34 finish.

Bob Hammond races to a 2nd place finish in the mens 55-59 age group. He is followed Jane Brueckl, the winner of the womens 35-39 age group in 24:58. Right behind Jane is Karen Milovich who will clock 25:03.

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