Derby Fair 5K

Derby,  NY
Saturday   September 8,  2001

Race results are available from this site (click here)

Photos by Stan Krol

The Start
Visible in the front row are Larry Krajewski, Keith Kowal, Brian Ruffles, Matt Jones, Kevin Sandmaier, Al Palmatier and Hector Bauza

They're off
At the gun Bach Weslow, Larry Krajewski, Kieth Kowal, Al Palmatier and Thomas Dessauer get away quickly

The Derby Fair 5K is an easy course to run. It's out and back on just one country road. There is no traffic to worry about.

Aine Roberts-Leahy
Aine is running to a 14th place overall finish - good for 1st in her age group with a time of 21:05.

Jamie McCarthy
Jamie is heading toward a 10th place finish overall. His effort placed him 3rd in his age group with a time of 20:11.

George Pendergast
George is running to victory in his 60-64 age-group. His time is 30:51.

Bach Weslow
Bach is the winner for the second year in a row. He said he will come back to try for the 3-peat!

Jackie Kralisz
Jackie is the womens overall winner in an excellent clocking of 19:06.

Hermann Pohl
Hermann led for much of the race along with Larry Krajewski. But Bach is too fast. Hermann has to settle for 2nd overall in a time of 17:46.

The Derby Fair 5K Finish Line
Noel Weidl zooms through the finish area completing her 4th place age group (41st place overall) race performance in a time of 28:56.

First 5K Race
Michael Sandmaier helps his seven year old son Kevin pin on his race number

Kevin Sandmaier
Kevin contemplates racing 3.1 miles for the first time as he approaches the starting line

A Courageous Start
Kevin courageously moves out with the race leaders. He has a plan: Run with his Aunt Jackie. Kevin may not yet realize that Aunt Jackie is no ordinary "girl". She is one of the area's top athletes - only a few men, all over 30, will manage to finish ahead of her today.

Next Year!
After a blistering start Kevin hung on as long as he could - but it's too far too fast - Kevin can't continue and will try again next year. Here, his dad (Michael Sandmaier) consoles Kevin during the long walk back.

Live Band
Yes, that is top area runner Ron Olsen wielding the electric guitar.

Derby Fair
A festive atmosphere prevails at the Derby Fair which serves as the post race party.

The Overall Winners
Bach Weslow and Jackie Kralisz

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