To the runners of Buffalo

Team BrownStone USA is proud to present The BrownStone Lecture Series, a six-part discussion of the issues important to distance runners of all ability levels. In its third year, The BrownStone Lecture Series continues to grow in popularity among Rochester runners and promises to provide, through lively discussion, a better understanding of the variables that lead to enhanced performance and a more enjoyable running experience. Whether attempting to finish your first marathon, place in the top three in your age group at the next race or simply want to improve your overall fitness, the information provided by our experts will help you to reach your goals. Training philosophies and programs, goal setting, stretching and strengthening, nutrition and common running injuries are just some of the issues that will be addressed during the six-week series. Each night, following an hour of general discussion on a selected topic, participants will divide into groups to discuss the questions and concerns specific to high school athletes, masterís runners, womenís running and those new to the sport. We have once again assembled an outstanding group of speakers to offer their expertise, experiences and advice. Well respected medical professionals, nationally recognized coaches, running authorities, and many elite athletes, including the members of Team BrownStone USA, will do their best to increase your understanding and enjoyment of running and help you to achieve your potential as a competitor. I urge you all to take advantage of this excellent opportunity to learn from the coaches and medical professionals who have helped me to achieve my success and be motivated by the Olympians and American record holders who have inspired me throughout my career. For more information, including a list of guest speakers and topics of discussion, visit or call (315) 986-4655.


Todd Reeser