Buffalo Area Most Active Road Racer List

The purpose of this list to honor those avtive individuals who have supported, via their prolific participation, the Buffalo area's road running events. The list is ranked from the most active runner(s) on down. To qualify for the list a runner must have finished ten or more local races in the preceeding one year period (and, of course, we need to know about it! - Ask your race directors to send us their results!)

The list is not perfect. The following factors affect this list:

  • Data entry mistakes abound -- if the spelling is way off, the match might be missed.
  • Out-of-area races are not included (with exceptions).
  • Most, but not all, local races are represented (141 races, see list below).
  • Buffalo area finishers (where known) in the 3 most major regional marathons are included (NEW YORK, BOSTON, CHICAGO)
  • Unfortunately, in this version, runners with the same name are scored as one person (John Bell, Patrick Smith...)
  • Grossly incomplete results only are available for SUSNSET BAY EXPERIENCE 5K, LANCASTER TURKEY TROT 5K, and the BILLY MEAD 5K.
  • The list results were extracted from 38,275 local race performances reported to us in 2004.
  • 429 runners qualified for the list by having 10 or more finishes.
  • There were 21,278 distinct individuals participating in one or more area races in 2004.
Congratulations to all runners who made the list. If you spot errors or ommissions, you are invited to please send me an eMail -- The list will be updated/corrected as time permits.

-- JJ --

Road Races Included in the 2004 Most Active Road Racers List

racename distance date town finishers
Resolution Run 5K 01-Jan-04 Williamsville 465
Penguin Run 5K 25-Jan-04 Amherst 306
Mr. Ed's Superbowl Warmup 5K 01-Feb-04 Middleport 279
Lockport Y-10 10 Miles 14-Feb-04 Lockport 202
Olmsted Winterfest Road Race 5K 14-Feb-04 Buffalo 74
Canisius Chilly Challenge 5K 29-Feb-04 Buffalo 405
Polar Bear 5K 5K 29-Feb-04 Olcott 160
Old First Ward Shamrock Run 8K 06-Mar-04 Buffalo 2,253
Buffalo State College Bengal Run 5K 27-Mar-04 Buffalo 332
Canisius College Shoes For The Shelter 5K 28-Mar-04 Buffao 292
D'Youville College Friends of the Night People 5K 03-Apr-04 Buffalo 70
Young Life 5K 5K 03-Apr-04 Hamburg 140
GBTC Half Marathon Half Marathon 17-Apr-04 Grand Island 353
Nancy Price Power Run 5K 18-Apr-04 Youngstown 147
Boston Marathon - Buffalo Area Finishers Marathon 19-Apr-04 Boston 60
Town of Tonawanda 5K 5K 24-Apr-04 Town of Tonawanda 199
Envirun 5K 24-Apr-04 Niagara Falls 206
Liberty Run / Walk for Education 5K 24-Apr-04 Snyder 39
BPAC 6-Hour Classic 6-Hours 25-Apr-04 Buffalo 28
Ontario Shore Half Marathon Half Marathon 01-May-04 Hamlin 344
Ontario Shore Marathon Marathon 01-May-04 Hamlin 237
Derby Day Kids Fun Run 1 Mile 01-May-04 Buffalo 11
Louis J. Billitier Memorial Run 5K 01-May-04 Buffalo 142
Derby Day 5K 5K 01-May-04 Buffalo 25
Trailblazers Spring Stampede 5K 07-May-04 Sanborn 145
Sheriff Pat Gallivan Run For Integrity 5K 08-May-04 Orchard Park 100
LSCTA Scholarship Run 5K 13-May-04 Angola 102
LSCTA Scholarship Little Eagle Mile Run 1 Mile 13-May-04 Angola 50
Chris Griswold Memorial 5K 15-May-04 Lancaster 220
Crouse Challenge 5K 21-May-04 Gowanda 85
Race For The Great Lakes 5K 21-May-04 Buffalo 173
Four Mile Run For Izzy 4 Miles 22-May-04 Lakeview 88
Yad 'B'Yad Run Walk and Roll 5K 23-May-04 Amherst 150
Run To Remember 5K 26-May-04 Clarence 287
Memorial Day Run 2 Miles 29-May-04 Grand Island 59
Buffalo Marathon Marathon 30-May-04 Buffalo 729
Nissan Buffalo Marathon Half Marathon 30-May-04 Buffalo 624
Bullfeathers 5K 04-Jun-04 Buffalo 377
Brushes 3K 05-Jun-04 Buffalo 135
Juneteenth 5K 06-Jun-04 Buffalo 80
God-Speed 5K 11-Jun-04 Lockport 179
Buffalo Mile 1 Mile 12-Jun-04 Buffalo 96
Salmon Run 5K 12-Jun-04 Wilson 153
Susan G. Komen WNY Race For The Cure 5K 12-Jun-04 Buffalo 913
Run For Education 5K 13-Jun-04 North Tonawanda 172
St. Gregory's The Great Race 5K 18-Jun-04 Williamsville 996
Don R. Carroll Scholarship Races 5K 5K 19-Jun-04 Batavia 90
Don R. Carroll Scholarship Races 10K 10K 19-Jun-04 Batavia 84
Kyle Reid Memorial 5K 19-Jun-04 Hamburg 317
Joyce Kozlowski Memorial 5K 19-Jun-04 Brocton 54
Sunset Bay Experience 5K 19-Jun-04 Buffalo ???
Jog For The Jake 5K 20-Jun-04 Buffalo 436
Fit For Fire 5K 26-Jun-04 Buffalo 95
St. Teresa's Comeback Run 2.2 Miles 30-Jun-04 Buffalo 350
Dick Bessel Independence Day Run 2.3 Miles 03-Jul-04 Grand Island 487
Tommy's Run 5K 03-Jul-04 Orchard Park 99
Firecracker Run For The Arts 5K 04-Jul-04 Batavia 83
Lancaster Depew Boys & Girls Club 10K 10K 04-Jul-04 Lancaster 577
Queen of Heaven 5K 08-Jul-04 West Seneca 193
The Andy Run 5K 10-Jul-04 Bergholz 94
Tuscarora 2.5 Mile Fun Run 2.5 Miles 10-Jul-04 Sanborn 53
Tuscarora 10K 10K 10-Jul-04 Sanborn 35
Running For Children 5K 10-Jul-04 Buffalo 100
Eden USA 5K 5K 12-Jul-04 Eden 56
Loughran's Buffalo Alumni Rally 5K 12-Jul-04 Snyder 587
Northeast YMCA Old Home Days 5K 15-Jul-04 Williamsville 133
Road 2 Recovery 5K 16-Jul-04 Buffalo 189
Laurel Run 8K 17-Jul-04 Silver Creek 88
Subaru Buffalo 4 Mile Chase 4 Miles 17-Jul-04 Buffalo 528
Presque Isle Half Marathon Half Marathon 18-Jul-04 Erie 456
St. John Vianney 5K Kickoff Run 5K 22-Jul-04 Orchard Park 332
Tim Frank Memorial Canal Fest 4 Mile 4 Miles 22-Jul-04 Tonawanda 288
Mid Summer Nite Run 2.3 Miles 24-Jul-04 Town of Tonawanda 212
Ronald McDonald House 5K 5K 28-Jul-04 Buffalo 413
Dash 'N Splash 2.5 Miles 31-Jul-04 Hamburg 133
Crabapple Run 5K 31-Jul-04 Cheektowaga 130
Billy Mead 5K Run For ALS research 5K 01-Aug-04 Dunkirk ???
Italian Festival 5K 5K 01-Aug-04 Niagara Falls 84
Mud Run XC Mens Race 6K 02-Aug-04 Boston 187
Mud Run XC Womens Race 6K 02-Aug-04 Boston 107
Buffalo Police Chase 5K 06-Aug-04 Buffalo 434
Jack's 5K 5K 13-Aug-04 South Buffalo 288
Erie County Fair 5K 5K 14-Aug-04 Hamburg 402
MSMH River Run 5K 14-Aug-04 Lewiston 103
Lockport 5K 5K 14-Aug-04 Lockport 68
Ultra 10 Mile Trail Run 10 Miles 15-Aug-04 Ellicottville 58
The Rut Race 3.5 Mile XC 3.5 Miles 16-Aug-04 Lewiston 87
Moonlight Run 5K 18-Aug-04 Williamsville 724
KK 5K 5K 20-Aug-04 Lancaster 351
Mississippi Mudd's 5K River Run 5K 21-Aug-04 Tonawanda 472
Toyfest 10K 10K 29-Aug-04 East Aurora 175
Cozumel Nickel City 5K 5K 03-Sep-04 Buffalo 1,175
Harvest Moon Run 5K 08-Sep-04 Pendleton 124
Mulligan's 5K For Variety's Kids 5K 09-Sep-04 Buffalo 24
People For The Steeple 5K 10-Sep-04 Buffalo 180
Robert L. Swift Family 5K 5K 10-Sep-04 Kenmore 84
Shirley C. DePalma Memorial 5K 11-Sep-04 Orchard Park 66
Glen Iris 5K 5K 11-Sep-04 Castile 105
Derby Fair 5K - Fun Walk 1 Mile 11-Sep-04 Evans 17
Derby Fair 5K 5K 11-Sep-04 Evans 61
Maggie Lee 5K 5K 11-Sep-04 Buffalo 45
Erie Marathon - Half Marathon Walk Half Marathon 12-Sep-04 Erie 27
Erie Marathon - Half Marathon Half Marathon 12-Sep-04 Erie 219
Erie Marathon Marathon 12-Sep-04 Erie 334
Lebro's Fall Classic 5K 18-Sep-04 Getzville 167
Habitat Run 5K 18-Sep-04 Buffalo 162
Race For Non-Viloence 5K 19-Sep-04 Williamsville 23
Joanne Severin Cinelli 5K 24-Sep-04 South Buffalo 135
Southtowns Family Fun Run 2.4 Miles 25-Sep-04 Orchard Park 100
Charlene D. Page Memorial 5K 25-Sep-04 Buffalo 144
Shea's 5K 26-Sep-04 Buffalo 104
Autumfest Autumn Challenge 5K 02-Oct-04 Glenwood 86
Rich & Mercy 5K 02-Oct-04 Buffalo 52
2nd Brigade 10K 10K 02-Oct-04 Amherst 59
Linda Yalem Safety Run 5K 03-Oct-04 Amherst 695
Ellicottville Fall Festival 5K 5K 09-Oct-04 Ellicottville 187
ECMC Lifeline Foundation 5K 5K 09-Oct-04 Buffalo 133
Chicago Marathon Marathon 10-Oct-04 Chicago 97
Run For Homeless Vets 5K 16-Oct-04 Buffalo 13
Southtowns YMCA 5K 5K 16-Oct-04 West Seneca 73
Breaking The Sound Barrier 5K 16-Oct-04 Buffalo 69
St. Christopher's Prediction Race 5K 23-Oct-04 Tonawanda 106
Canisius College Cadets For Vets 5K 24-Oct-04 Buffalo 49
Casino Niagara Half Marathon Half Marathon 24-Oct-04 Niagara Falls 1,542
Casino Niagara Marathon 5K 5K 24-Oct-04 Niagara Falls 198
St Augustine Center Run For Peace 5K 24-Oct-04 Buffalo 16
Casino Niagara Marathon Marathon 24-Oct-04 Niagara Falls 876
Charles E. McDougald Memorial 5K 30-Oct-04 Amherst 194
Chestnut Ridge Challenge 10K 10K 30-Oct-04 Orchard Park 90
Jack O'Lantern Fall Classic 5K 30-Oct-04 Niagara Falls 191
UAW 686 Veterans 5K 5K 06-Nov-04 Lockport 111
New York City Marathon Marathon 07-Nov-04 New York 29
Bob Ivory 5K 5K 07-Nov-04 Tonawanda 289
Finnan's Football 5K 5K 14-Nov-04 Lockport 88
Lancaster Turkey Trot 5K 20-Nov-04 Lancaster ???
Joe's Race 5K 5K 20-Nov-04 Newfane 184
Niagara Falls YMCA 5K 5K 20-Nov-04 Niagara Falls 149
YMCA Turkey Trot 8K 25-Nov-04 Buffalo 5,559
Medaille College Reindeer Run 5K 04-Dec-04 Buffalo 438
Jingle Bell 5K 5K 11-Dec-04 Buffalo 233
Last Race of the Year 3.55 Miles 26-Dec-04 Buffalo 82