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 Any non-track runners that are really fast?
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Posted - December 14 2012 :  17:08:25  Show Profile
Lesson of the day: "kids today" don't respect their elders anymore.

So I tried to look up the reason why Platt was 'banned'...nothing is coming up. Could someone elucidate for me? Or is it taboo?

Personally I've found that running requires willpower and the ability to withstand pain, in order to achieve something. Others are tougher. Others are faster. Others work harder. All these make competition exciting. For me, the fun part is looking back and being satisfied with your accomplishments.

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Posted - December 15 2012 :  08:03:04  Show Profile
I cannot believe that your marathon pace and your 5k effort have the same feel of intensity.

I never said it did, or said anything about intensity. I said racing hurts. Both hurt in different ways.

I think a statement like that really ignores the technical aspect of racing. Physiological monitoring is a craft learned through experience and athletic mental maturation; Nearly all experienced and successful racers operate with the above in mind. But, you have to buy into it.

Please don't assume you know anything about me or my approach to racing, because you clearly don't. Ask someone who has seen me race a half or marathon and they will tell you that I show your "experience and athletic mental maturation".

The tough guy approach to almost any sport will only get you hurt and beaten.

To race well you have to ignore the macho BS and race like a professional. Trained and tuned.
You are your own jockey. You don't whip the horse from the bell.

Ummm no, not really. The last part of racing when it gets hard is all about being "macho" and mentally tough. Yes, starting a race with this attitude is going to put you in a world of hurt early if you don't listen to your body and know what you are capable of. The last 1/3 or 1/4 of a race, when you just want to stop and hurt like hell, you need to just suck it up and tell yourself/use whatever you can to finish it off. There are times where an aggressive, "macho", and almost arrogant attitude are good.

Got endorphins?
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Posted - December 15 2012 :  11:34:05  Show Profile
Platt offers one reason to drop the "tough guy-pain tolerance" attitude: because most of the kids you will coach are not and will never be "tough guys or gals" or "pain tolerant freaks". How do you coach them? What skill do you bring to them?

Platt's suggestion: Teach these kids that their brain and intellect is a powerful tool.Mix that tool with proper and considerate training and you will build a great personal athlete. You will change their life, maybe save their life.(ask Platt how he knows this.)

I doubt DMRuns85 is going to be pushing all his athletes in the same way...that doesn't work well when you want to field a full cross-country team. In my experiences (high turnover of coaches), they coached different people differently. The guys who want to challenge themselves, will be challenged. That's not implying that the fellow who runs 16:00 is working to his potential in a 5K, just as the fellow who brings up the rear in 24:00 is slacking.

Platt, you're intelligent and have achieved at some of the highest levels of this sport. You know what works for you. But (at the risk of being accused of relativism in all aspects of life), claiming you know the best type of training, and the youth should be listening, but don't care anymore, is itself a bit naive! They might, just might, know what works for them Maybe these folks are resistant because you are dousing their fire. They find something is working for them, and you say, "you're not doing it right".

And dropping these tidbits about how "you know this" or "here are some stats" is not helpful without 1) telling a story, 2) showing some sources. Baiting therunnerdude with nebulous stats and then claiming he "pooped all over" your insight doesn't sound very patient or helpful. This criticism is with all due respect. I have not achieved at your level nor do I expect to. Maybe I'm wrong.

It really doesn’t hurt. It simply tries to break your concentration. And that you can overcome. You can transcend!

In my experience, the pain is always there. I think a healthy pride in being able to push yourself and come out of a race physically spent is just that, healthy pride.

"Learn to accept pain before accepting results."
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ghost of platter

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Posted - December 15 2012 :  12:23:44  Show Profile
Originally posted by AceOfHearts
Maybe these folks are resistant because you are dousing their fire.

Platt thinks:
My time has passed.

Ghost thinks:
My work here is done.
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Posted - December 15 2012 :  15:32:51  Show Profile
yer still breathing. The obvious problem with 'cyber relationship' is the written word is easily misconstrued, if Dave and Platt were hashing this out in person it would have a much happier ending. When you don’t know someone personally you tend to take stuff to heart. If one of my buddies called me pithy or obtuse, I wouldn’t think twice, but when it’s a ‘stranger’ or someone you only know by his pen its different, but that’s what makes it compelling.

"I prefer a smack to the head, than a pat on the back"
- (deliberately pithy and obtuse) Lkizz

“The overall purpose of human communication is - or should be - reconciliation. It should ultimately serve to lower or remove the walls of misunderstanding which unduly separate us human beings, one from another.”
¯ M. Scott Peck

(who later went on to say ... relationships without conflict are shallow)

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Posted - December 18 2012 :  18:41:15  Show Profile
Linus Pauling is not full of crap...but this quote is, at least in regards to athletics, probably many other facets of life, and definitely in the context of this forum. Most success in athletics comes from believing and trusting in a training plan from an experienced and successful coach. Without the guidance from another with knowledge of endurance training, success is unlikely even at the elite level. Example - Ryan Hall. Your quote has insulted every coach you have had and will ever have...I suggest you apologize.

By posting this quote you are disregarding and discrediting all of the literature on exercise science and endurance training. Please tell me how you are devising your training if you are not believing or trusting in the ideas of your elders. I would be interested in learning of your new Earth shattering training plan.

You have failed to take advantage of a great learning opportunity and gaining a resource who you could intelligently discuss training strategies and ideas with. With an open mind you could understand his logic. Although many of us could see the meaning of his posts, he has failed only in trying to teach you a valuable lesson.

You will not get far in this business with your will learn eventually...maybe not now, but i have faith that you will. Surround yourself with successful people and you too will be successful...that is if you listen carefully, and believe in the product they are selling.
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