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 WOW!! Suzy Favor Hamilton.
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Posted - December 20 2012 :  21:03:17  Show Profile
I'm sure many of you know who she is and those of you who are relatively new to the sport probably don't. Suzy Favor Hamilton was the face of american women's middle distance running for the better part of a decade. A 3 time olympian in the 1500 if memory serves me correctly. Some may know her for her collapsing to the ground on the homestretch in the 2000 Sydney final, totally done on purpose when she realized she couldn't win. Anyway, reports came out today that america's former track sweetheart has spent the last year working as a $600/hour escort in Las Vegas.


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Posted - December 20 2012 :  21:53:06  Show Profile
Now we know what she meant by 'favor'. hey-o
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Jan J.

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Posted - December 20 2012 :  23:20:35  Show Profile
Thanks for your post, in the best holiday spirit, jerk.

Jan J.
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  09:31:25  Show Profile
I wouldn’t touch this topic with a ten foot pole, we are indeed fortunate to have Jan here to uphold and protect all that is virtuous and clean.
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  11:05:30  Show Profile
Was this really necessary to post! Shame on you.
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  13:19:37  Show Profile
Oh spare me....It's about a world class runner posted on a running web site on it's running forum boards.
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  13:30:27  Show Profile
Personally, I think it's okay to post the topic, just don't be an idiot. I've known Suzy since, '92. We were on several teams together and she was always a great person to be around. I do recall that she had at least a few tailspins in her life that impacted her athletic career and obviously her personal life.

It's very sad and unfortunate what she is going through and it seems like she's finally taking personal responsibility for her actions. We can only hope and pray that she can get back on the right track in life. We all make mistakes and I would like to say "There but for the grace of God go I."

Allen James
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  17:43:16  Show Profile
Originally posted by lkizz

I wouldn’t touch this topic with a ten foot pole, we are indeed fortunate to have Jan here to uphold and protect all that is virtuous and clean.

Really ?? Why should we turn our head and pretend it didn't happen.

Maybe everybody shoud just ""Evolve..Evove..Lvove.. Love.. Peace..." And pretend its a shinny happy world we live in these days.

To steel a old phrase from one of my favorites rappers "**** aint Like That !!!!"

Tech- These are" " Quotations if you are going to continue to use my thoughts how about using them.

Merry Christmas All !!!!!
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Posted - December 21 2012 :  20:00:34  Show Profile
I hope that the "Shame on you" wasn't directed at me. Thanks for the backing Pat. Last I checked this was a running forum. This is a huge story in our great sport. About as big a name in women's middle distance running since Mary Decker Slaney. I said nothing distasteful, just thought it was noteworthy and was interested in everyones thoughts. No offense, but the posts about songs, what running means to you and what's considered "fast" get old after awhile. Actually, it really doesn't take that long. I agree, if you can't keep the post clean, don't post. Just don't see why we have to avoid this topic and why you wouldn't want to "touch this topic with a ten foot pole."

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Posted - December 21 2012 :  23:29:09  Show Profile
I just saw her in Las Vegas at the expo for the Rock and Roll events. We went over to see her because we thought she would speak about running, instead she just danced around. She really did not seem ok. She was recently dropped by the Rock and Roll series. I hope she can get past this.
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Posted - December 22 2012 :  06:43:09  Show Profile
Hello! The pole comment was an innuendo, followed by a (light hearted) jab at my buddy Jan for being a moral crusader.

I’ve been running on the ‘track’ (what the ‘ladies’ call Grant Street - do I have to explain that too??) for 20 years now. The real problem with prostitution is drug addition.


"I make my living off the Evening News
Just give me something-something I can use
People love it when you lose,
They love dirty laundry"

(quote which hopefully needs no explaining which is what ruffles Jan’s feathers)
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Posted - December 22 2012 :  08:03:47  Show Profile
She made a choice that has consequences. She is learning about them now. Good luck to her and her family.

Here I thought 30 dollars for a race was expensive....but 600/hr. I only hope it came with a nice tech shirt and pizza.

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Posted - December 22 2012 :  10:25:00  Show Profile
I thought Matty's post was warranted. It was newsworthy and as you know, we don't want nothing but fluff on the forum. Life is tough, life is hard and people make choices everyday about their life. Obviously, Hamilton has faced some adversity. Here's hoping she finds a solution for both her and her family.

Life is not always bells and whistles. And, let's remember, it was Hamilton who chose to come clean here. She posed for the picture and she sat down for the interview----with the NY Times, not TMZ.

I think Hamilton will be fine and find her way, because aren't we all trying to do the same?

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Posted - December 22 2012 :  14:42:07  Show Profile
She wasn't doing this because she needed the money or drugs. It was a fantasy of hers. Her body, her choice. Feel bad for her kid.
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